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The traditional barriers to deploying ringback have gone – it’s time to realize ringback’s true revenue potential.

Livewire Mobile’s next-generation MyCaller® 4.0 suite of carrier-grade ringback hardware, market-leading feature set and complimentary marketing services transforms the conventional tone heard while waiting for the called party to pick up. The service offers subscribers the ability to create a unique mobile identity to their callers, or customize the tone to suit their own personal tastes, while providing mobile operators with a significant new source of revenue and customer affinity. With innovative features, a foundation for new revenue-generating services such as advertising ringback and user-generated content, mobile operators are able to offer cutting edge services that build subscriber loyalty and improve profits.

With a next-generation, IP-enabled platform, operators can harness the power of 4G networks while also dramatically reducing the hardware footprint and increasing traffic handling and storage capacity at a significantly lower installation and maintenance cost.

Advanced new features of MyCaller make several specialized ringback services high-volume and therefore more commercially viable for customers. These services include EveryRing™, a network-wide, user-segmented marketing service for mobile operators and RingSpot™ advertising ringback, an opt-in service providing advertisers with a highly defined, captive audience. It also allows operators to offer corporate ringback, empowering businesses with a new marketing channel.

Combining the new high-volume architecture with its already market proven web services, MyCaller additionally allows operators to increase the value of their investment beyond the on-deck portal and drive new revenue streams through third-party digital storefronts.

Bottom line, Livewire Mobile is a pioneer in ringback. Since participating in the first ringback deployment in 2002, Livewire Mobile has deployed ringback services across six continents, 23 countries and over 30 mobile operators worldwide.